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Farm holidays at the Katzenthalerhof at Merano and Environs

Our Katzenthalerhof at Lana

Until 1979 the Katzenthalerhof was an ordinary farm. But at this moment something had to change. Plans were drawn up and the breakthrough came. Construction finished and we were ready to receive our first guests at the Katzenthalerhof.

With great enthusiasm we entertain our guests and with our love of the nature and all its aspects we manage our orchards, vineyards, chestnut trees and many other trees and bushes, which yield a beautiful harvest each year.  

Animals - as far as the eye can see!

In summer 2014 our dreams came true by having an open stall for the best welfare of our horses. Our own tree horses - Hajta, Paprika and Princess – enjoy their life together with our pension horses.

Our facility also allows to offer trail riders and their horses a roof over their heads. Accommodation on request.

Countless chickens, ducks of all kind, as well as our yellow Whistler geese also live with us. They have safe cages where they spend the night and the chickens also lay the eggs for the breakfast buffet. During the day they are free to roam the grounds.

In our chestnut grove live our Quessant-Sheep. They climb, graze and have wrestling bouts. And when they have time they look after the forest and meadows.

And then there are still other small, sweet, not stinky residents at the Katzenthalerhof, our mini-pigs. In the cooler season they go back at night to the stables. However, in the morning when it is nice and fresh they like to run in the meadows. 

We have everything for your vacation in South Tyrol!